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The PLANET Digital Media Center, DMA-200 is an advanced customer premises equipment (CPE) device for delivering streaming audio, video, anddata directly from network or Internet on consumers?? TV sets and/or Home Entertainment systems. If you have already set up your local area network or connected to Internet, you can huddle on the sofa using supplied remote control to search and enjoy your favorite pictures, movies, or surf webs but no need to always be seated next to your computer or Home Entertainment systems. Besides connecting your PC/NAS with the network, you can simply plug in your USB devices to access and play the media files via user-friendly On-Screen Display (OSD) menu.In order to meet your need of surfing Internet on TV, the DMA-200 provides web browser, bit torrent download and Internet radio function so you can freely choose these features and enjoy amazing variety of Internet video contents.With the fascinating features, the DMA-200 provides advanced MPEG1/2/4 video and MP3 audio compression algorithms and can deliver content streams with optimal quality over networks with limited bandwidth. The PLANET DMA-200 provides an immersive way of managing and interacting with your entertainment library so that you are able to explore your complete digital collections of music, photos, and videos in a single window. The DMA-200 is a powerful Digital Media Center supporting Standard and High Definition (HD) video, audio/video playback, web browsing and a myriad of media applications.


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