Smart Wireless AP Controller Software PLANET

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AP Management Got Easier and More Cost-effective
PLANET Smart AP Control is a free and easy-to-use software running on virtual machine which eliminates the OS limitation. All you have to do is configure the correct IP subnet and log in by using the web browser through the secure SSL protocol, and you’ll be able to manage multiple wireless access points without accessing them one by one, thus making configuration simpler and faster. For those who already have PoE equipment and just want a basic management utility and managed AP series rather than buying the expensive hardware controller and AP license, PLANET Smart AP Control is beyond doubt the best and cost-effective choice.
*The Smart AP Control software is free to download and not for sale.

The key features at a glance
AP Discovery: To discover managed APs available and allow grouping to accelerate APs management.
Profile Creation: Capable of defining multiple profiles before applying to APs depending on specific properties.
Batch Provisioning: Enabling multiple APs to be configured and upgraded at one time by using the designated profile.
Coverage Heat Map: Real-time signal coverage of APs on the user-defined floor map to optimize Wi-Fi field deployment.
Maximum Scalability: Up to 10 Floor Maps, 32 AP Groups, 32 Profiles, 256 Managed APs and 5000 Clients
The Smart AP Control currently supported managed AP series includes: WNAP-W2201A, WNAP-C3220A, WDAP-C7200AC, and WDAP-W7200AC

Watch Over Wireless Network within Minutes
The dashboard presents a portal-like view, providing at-a-glance and efficient summary for your wireless management network. It combines valuable wireless network information to let anybody get data-driven graphical charts. The dashboard retrieves the real-time visualizations including the system usage, wireless channel distribution, AP loading of Top 3 and active clients traffic status which enables IT engineers quickly drill down into specific information.
Four Steps to Manage AP Cluster with Ease
The Smart AP Control enhances user experience by providing more user-friendly Web GUI and obvious step-by-step guidance on each related function. Unlike other third-party software, it reduces training time and allows even non-technical users to be able to set up wireless network within minutes.
Optimizing Wi-Fi Deployment with Floor Maps
Importing your floor maps and locating each AP or AP group according to the field deployment can save your time and cost of on-site support and monitoring. The AP status represented in real time and its signal heat map is capable of reflecting the actual coverage and helps the administrator to fine-tune the overlapping of the adjacent APs anytime to optimize the wireless network performance.
Real-time Monitoring to Speed up Network Analysis
The Smart AP Control collects all the traffic statistics of the managed APs and displays both graphical and dynamic data information via graphs, charts and tables, reporting on a significant overview of your wireless network to make the daily monitoring more efficient.
Browser-based Control on VM Eliminates Limitation of OS
Designed to provide more flexibility, the Smart AP Control utilizes the Oracle virtual box technology to enable to import software image under different OS platforms, capable of operating from anywhere via web browser and network adapter that are able to access managed APs on a DHCP-enabled network, thus controlling multiple APs through single PC, laptop or tablet which eliminates the hardware limitation of general hardware controllers. For better performance and more scalability, users just need to upgrade the personal equipment without replacing the original hardware controller. PLANET Smart AP Control is a value-added software controller which makes your wireless central management solution more efficient without any hardware installation and extra expensive budget.