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Patch cord Multimode OM3 50/125um Duplex, LC/PC-LC/PC, Lungime - 2metri

BKT, Pret pebuc.
56.81 RON
Greutate: 0.500 kg
in stoc

QuickFiber patchcords

Nowadays in the competitive market the following features seem to be the most important: quality, lead time and purchasing conditions. The QuickFiber product range is designed to meet all customers expectations. It offers high quality fully tested fiber optic patchleads at a very competitive price and very short lead time regardless of the product length and connectors layout. It also offers some additional features such aspersonalized customers labels and packaging and can be offered as OEM product.

The QuickFiber series is a range of pigtails and patchcords designed and manufactured for demanding LAN and Telecom applications. It comprises of singlemode OS1 (9/125µm), OM1 (62,5/125µm), OM2 (50/125µm) and OM3 (50/125µm) pigtails, simplex and duplex patchcordswith the following connectors FC, FCAPC, LC, SC, SCAPC, ST and MTRJ. 
BKT Elektronik has carefully selected components suppliers we have over 10 years experience in  terminating fiber optic products which enable usto offer unbeatable quality of the final products


  • Low insertion loss and back reflection,
  • LSZH cables,
  • Ceramic top quality ferrules (exept MTRJ),
  • Compliance with ROHS,
  • Individual serial number on each patchcord and pigtail.


  • Telecommunication networks,
  • LAN, WAN,
  • CCTV networks,
  • FTTX.

















For multimode connectors BKT Elektronik offers Physical Contact (PC) polishing and for singlemode Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) and Angled 
Physical Contact  APC.

Lenght tolerance

The maximum tolerance is + 6 - 0 cm.






        Duplex SC-SC SM                         Duplex SC-SC MM                   Simplex SC-SC SM                Simplex ST-ST SM








     Duplex FC-FC OM3                     Duplex FC-FC SM                      Duplex LC-LC MM                        Duplex LC-LC SM