NVR-E6480 64-Ch Windows-based NVR with 8-Bay Hard Disks

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High Level Surveillance Solution
PLANET NVR-E6480, a high-definition IP surveillance solution, is designed to work with PLANET E-series cameras or ONVIF cameras for traffic surveillance, public and other security monitoring applications. The NVR-E6480 is the Windows-embedded 64-channel NVR that can connect up to 64 IP cameras and supports 8 hard disks. The unit employs RAID 0/1 to optimize the process of securing data easily and quickly. 
The NVR-E6480 features Gigabit Ethernet ports, eMap, video motion detection, automatic camera registration, and mobile apps for smart phone and tablet connectivity. The NVR-E6480, capable of recording 300Mbps of video bandwidth, supports a wide range of resolutions in H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG formats. In addition, the NVR is able to work with extended software such as ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) and IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance). Through these value-added applications, the NVR is definitely a necessity to keep track of those critical moments saved as evidences when in need.
Instant Playback
On the Live View page of the NVR-E6480’s management interface, whenever you want to look back to check suspicious events of a camera channel you just missed, just hit the ‘Instant Playback’ button to bring up the window to review recent feeds. While you don’t have to switch to the Playback page to do so, you can still have full live views of other channels simultaneously. 
Dual Stream Management
The NVR provides dual stream management in live view and recording functions. User is able to monitor or record stream 1 or stream 2 of dual stream devices. This design is able to reduce the CPU and memory loading of the NVR that handles a large number of channels. 
Location Management with eMap
The eMap function helps visualize the layout of IP cameras in the surveillance network enabling you to quickly identify the location of each IP camera, especially when an alarm occurs. Just upload the pictures of the monitoring locations and drag and drop the IP camera icons to the right place on the eMap. Once an alarm event happens, the camera icons will flash to indicate the event type for you to be alerted immediately and take necessary actions.
Remote Access via Mobile App, Web Browser or CMS
The NVR-E6480 provides central surveillance management capability with the adoption of its bundled Central Management Software (CMS). With the CMS, the NVR system is expandable for multi-sites management of up to 64 surveillance channels simultaneously. Besides, users are able to monitor the NVR via mobile app viewer or the Web browser anytime, anywhere. 
Large Storage Capacity
The NVR-E6480 is suitable for various network environments. Besides applications in retail stores and SMBs, the NVR-E6480 offers 8 SATA HDDs supporting RAID 0/1 function and is able to be applied in large scale surveillance facilities, such as banks, enterprises, transportations, campuses, etc.
CPU Intel Processor
Operating System Windows 7 Standard Embedded
Ethernet 2 x RJ45, 10/100/1000BASE-T
USB Interface 6 x USB 2.0 for backup device and firmware upgrade
Video Interface VGA video interface
Audio Interface Mic-in, line-in and line-out
Storage Device 8 x 3.5" SATA II hard disk connectors; up to 6TB per HDD
External Storage Interface 1 x eSATA
LED Power
Button Power
Max. Channels 64-channel IP cameras
Function Manual, auto or ONVIF search
Compression H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG
Resolution 10MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP, 1.3MP, 1MP, VGA
Max. Live Video Frame Rate (Local Display) 6fps@10MP (1-ch), 15fps@5MP (1-ch), 8fps@4MP (1-ch), 15fps@3MP (1-ch), 30fps@2MP (1-ch), 30fps@1.3MP (1-ch), 30fps@1MP (1-ch), 30fps@VGA (1-ch)

*The above performance was tested with the following parameters: H.264 compression and 3Mbps bitrate
Audio Type 2-way
Live View
Display Layout Mode Local: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16
Remote: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 35, 36, 48, 49, 64
Digital Zoom Zoom in/out digitally by PiP (Picture-in-Picture)
Manual Recording/ Snapshot Instant recording upon mouse click/Instant snapshot upon mouse click or hot key
Dual Stream Management Live view of stream 1 or stream 2 of dual stream devices
Event Panel Displays event status upon alarm or upon connection loss or recovery
Instant Playback Instant playback in live view window
E-map Area maps with camera icons and small live view windows hyperlinks
Video Search Time/Event based
Playback Control Continuous forward and backward playback with speeds 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x or frame-by-frame; pause; stop
Manual Snapshot Instant snapshot from playback upon mouse click
Digital Zoom Zoom in/out digitally by PiP (Picture-in-Picture)
Synchronized Playback Up to 9 channels for local display; up to 64 channels for remote client
Video Export Export video clips in AVI or RAW format
Recording Throughput Maximum total bitrate 300Mbps
Schedule Recording Record video with user defined schedule
Event Recording Record video when the alarm event is triggered, including the pre-event buffered video clip
Frame Rate Setting Different recording frame rate settings for non-event and triggered event
Manual Recording Instant recording upon mouse click
Dual Stream Management Recording of stream 1 or stream 2 of dual stream devices
Recording Frame Rate Max. 1920fps in total; max. 30fps per camera
Max. Local Display Resolution 1920 x 1200
Network and Configuration
Triggers and Event
Event Type Video motion detection, passive IR sensor, external device through digital input, video loss and recovery, network loss and recovery, server loss and recovery, disk full, disk not found
Event Action Record video, pop-up window with live video, switch to hotspot window, play beep sound, activate external device through digital output, upload snapshot to FTP server, execute system command to activate other programs, eMail notification with snapshots, command a PTZ device to go to a preset point
Manual Event Manually activate external devices through digital output via live view monitor
Scheduler Define the schedule of event manager
Max. Number of Clients 1 local, 3 remote
Privileges Live, Playback, Setup, Global
User Interface
  • Graphic local user interface (Operated by mouse, keyboard)
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer 7 or above)
  • CMS utility
  • App viewer
Multiple Languages Support Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Netherland, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Log Type User Operation, Setup Device, Setup System, Setup Users, Setup Schedule, Setup Event, System Status, Request Log
Power 100-240V AC, 4-2A, 50-60Hz
Consumption 200W
Operating Temperature 0~40 degrees C
Humidity 10~85% RH
Weight 11.4 kg (with 1 system HDD and front cover)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 482 x 560 x 88 mm



Fisa tehnica (C-NVR-E6480_s.pdf, 1,796 Kb) [Descarcare]


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