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Starting with August 2021, GSC became TELTONIKA Networks official distributor for Romania.

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TELTONIKA is a rapidly growing technology company, manufacturing professional network connectivity equipment for international markets. Through long-term experience and research and development of industrial network devices for IoT and M2M communication, TELTONIKA developed a wide portfolio of products for the most complex areas, such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.





At the end of last year, we announced that the Teltonika company group grew by 30% in 2020. We have aimed to maintain the same growth rate this year as well. But the results for the first half of 2021 have already exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to sharing our joy with you!

Comparing the first half of 2020 with the first half of this year, we have grown by 93%. It means that the turnover of the whole company group today higher than €95 million. We could not have achieved it without our talented employees and their daily efforts contributing to the company. This year, we already have 1,600 employees worldwide, with a 27% increase from 2020. In the first half of the year, our regional offices recruited 109 new employees. We are confident that this number will continue to grow and reach 1,800 team members worldwide by the end of 2021. As a result, within ten years, we will have 5,000 employees in Lithuania and the same number in our offices overseas.

Exciting projects, a dynamic environment, ample opportunities for learning and professional development, and a strong organisational culture of mutual trust and respect are not the only benefits our employees enjoy. The average salary at the Teltonika company group is increasing by 20% annually. In 2022, it will reach €5,000. We are overjoyed to be among the highest paying companies in Lithuania and offer competitive and steadily rising salaries, thus encouraging our employees to grow and reach career heights.

Our yearly growing production capacity is one of the key advantages that we are proud of. Since January 2021, we have produced 2.2 million units, and we expect this number to reach 5 million this year. From the start of the company up until today, we manufactured 15.5 million IoT devices, which helped thousands of customers and partners worldwide and solved their problems.

In 2020, during Teltonika’s reorganisation, we established separate companies for different business niches: Teltonika Telematics, Teltonika Networks, Teltonika Telemedic and Teltonika EMS. By the end of last year, we had already seen a greatly positive impact of reorganisation on work efficiency, and today’s achievements have only further proved its success.