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Supermicro servers optimized for NVIDIA A100 GPUs are solving the world's greatest HPC and AI challenges



Escalating data complexities, coupled with the rise of digital intelligence is driving a significant paradigm shift across a diversity of vertical markets. Computing tasks are exploding in complexity, placing immense pressure on organizations to invest in superior systems that deliver massive power and flexibility. Implementing accelerated computing solutions from Supermicro and NVIDIA is crucial to become innovative and succeed in today's dynamic environments.

Enhancing Compute Capabilities to Power the Most Complex Workloads Transformation is a key to capitalize on global trends such as the demand for high-performance computing (HPC) and the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI). The democratization of technologies like HPC, AI, machine learning, and deep learning, driven by the arrival of highly dense computing solutions, 'helps today's organizations overcome their largest and most complex problems with greater agility. These capabilities have gained popularity in multiple industries—including Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Retail, and Government—as organizations strive to unlock their data's full value and convert those insights into action. With troves of information being generated, organizations are racing to boost their intelligence, solve critical business challenges, and drive competitive advantage. However, legacy technologies pose a mounting problem for organizations attempting to execute compute-intensive processes like HPC in the data center, high-performance analytics, and deep learning training and inference. A new breed of computing is essential to run these complex data pipelines. Advancements in the HPC and AI space are causing a shift to accelerated computing, backed by GPUs' extreme processing abilities and demanding network infrastructures to gain industry-leading performance. These breakthrough capabilities provide high efficiency and capacity to optimize any workload. As a result, more businesses than ever are looking to deploy GPUaccelerated platforms to operate faster and more intelligently. As industries recognize that advanced technologies are necessary to support the upsurge of HPC and AI usage, the next generation of accelerated computing has emerged, offering the right balance of compute and performance. Advanced GPU-based systems, such as Supermicro’s versatile 4U system with NVIDIA HGX 8-GPU are changing the game for modern enterprises, delivering unprecedented speed and productivity to wrangle insight from large datasets while reducing time-to-completion.

The introduction of cutting-edge compute acceleration hardware along with state-of-the-art high-speed network fabrics is allowing businesses to redefine how they operate in order to tackle some of their biggest concerns head-on:

• Faster data movement – Greater memory and bandwidth to move massive volumes of data being processed on one server and communicate the data between servers.

• Infrastructure optimization – Easily adapt to changing requirements as workloads increase in size, scope, and complexity.

• Performance at scale – High throughput and low latency to ensure peak levels of efficiency and improve value.

• Technology standardization – Migration from isolated servers to centralized IT frameworks as AI becomes more mainstream, in addition to the use of universal accelerators to fuel more diverse workloads.

Numerous industries are realizing the undeniable value of accelerated computing, as organizations transform their technology infrastructures to pursue AI innovation with the utmost confidence. In the Manufacturing space, accelerated computing is dramatically enhancing research and development (R&D) efforts. Organizations rely on robust infrastructure for techniques such as modeling and simulation to streamline the design and testing phases of R&D and deliver high-quality products at a faster rate of completion. State-of-the-art manufacturers are implementing robotics to automate assembly line processes, increase operational productivity and output, and run entire smart factories in large scale deployments. Additionally, critical HPC and AI insights are being applied to capabilities like industrial inspection and predictive maintenance to ensure safety and compliance. In the Retail space, organizations are leveraging GPU technologies to capture a deluge of inventory, customer, and transactional data. Smart retailers have the ability to analyze endless streams of data, which facilitates competitive advantages such as demand forecasting, personalized recommendations and tailored advertising, and inventory logistics. Accelerated computing enables retailers to optimize complex analytics workloads, delivering actionable insights to hone operations from warehouses to physical stores, online platforms, and applications. In the Healthcare and Life Sciences space, organizations are progressively adopting new forms of compute to fuel scientific research and discovery and heighten patient care. Laboratories, research departments, and care facilities must invest in ongoing innovations to optimize their work, deriving precise results in real- or near-time for various uses. For example, accelerated computing platforms enable hospitals to support multiple departments running different use cases simultaneously—radiology can conduct image analysis, while a separate department uses the same platform to rapidly analyze health histories and create highly specialized treatment plans.

Fueling the Next Generation of Business Innovation Supermicro and NVIDIA are delivering the next generation of accelerated computing to transform your business. As a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology, Supermicro provides the most comprehensive building blocks for a new breed of computing solutions, from data center to edge to the cloud. Leveraging NVIDIA's end-to-end technologies from AI to networking and full-stack offerings, our solutions combine first-to-market innovations with the massively parallel processing power of NVIDIA GPUs, so our customers can achieve unmatched performance to solve the world's most challenging problems.