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Universal Network Management System Software (LITE)

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Universal Network Management System for Central Management

PLANET’s Universal Network Management System (UNI-NMS & UNI-NMS-LITE) incorporated in a workstation or PC can monitor all the deployed wired or wireless PoE industrial–grade network devices, such as managed switches, media converters, routers, smart APs, VoIP phones, IP cameras, etc. compliant with the MQTT protocol, SNMP Protocol, ONVIF Protocol and PLANET Smart Discovery utility. It thus enables the administrator to centrally manage the network from a central office, greatly boosting network and power management efficiency. With its user authentication management, UNI-NMS enhances data transmission security in the modern network   automation systems.


Watch Over Network within Minutes

The domain information web page presents a managed devices list and topology view, providing the at-a-glance and efficient summary of your management network. It lets you have a valuable information on the current wired and wireless network statuses via data-driven graphical charts. The topology view and event reports enable you to visualize the system usage and node status in real time so as to address whatever issue they may have.





User-friendly Setup Wizard

The UNI-NMS-LITE enhances user experience by providing more user-friendly wizard and clear step-by-step guidance on each related function. Just like an app, it reduces training time and allows even non-technical users to be able to set up management network system within minutes.





Interactive Dashboard Shows Network Statuses in an Instant 

The UNI-NMS-LITE’s interactive dashboard includes local site network router, switch, access point statistics and WAN traffic/PoE history graph. The administrator can quickly view the status of a device, knowing whether it is online or offline. An alert through the pop-up message can be seen on the touch panel, immediately knowing what the system event is and where the disconnection issue comes from.





 Real-time Centralized Monitoring

As the UNI-NMS-LITE can come out with a topology view of the network of the deployed powered devices, it enables to detect which device is online (Blue) or offline (Red). The real-time centralized monitoring of these devices can help the administrator know what the current statuses of these devices are.





 Optimizing Wi-Fi Deployment with Floor Maps 

With the floor maps, devices can be located according to the field deployment, thus saving your time and cost of on-site support and monitoring. The current statuses of devices are shown in real time and the heat map is able to show the wireless signal coverage and strength to help the administrator fine-tune the overlapping of the adjacent devices anytime to optimize the wireless network performance.


Browser-based Control on VM Eliminates Limitation of OS

Designed to provide more flexibility, the UNI-NMS-LITE utilizes the Oracle VM VirtualBox technology to enable to import software image under different OS platforms, capable of operating from anywhere via web browser and network adapter that are able to access managed nodes on a DHCP-enabled network, thus controlling multiple devices through single PC, laptop or tablet which eliminates the hardware limitation of general hardware controllers. For better performance and more scalability, users just need to upgrade the personal equipment without replacing the original hardware controller. PLANET UNI-NMS-LITE is a value-added software which makes your network central management solution more efficient without any hardware installation and extra expensive budget.

 ※ Using Chrome browser is recommended.


Economical Central Network Management Solution for SMBs 

PLANET UNI-NMS-LITE helps service providers and IT managers control all PLANET network devices at the same time and enables administrators to effectively manage up to 20 managed nodes for free simultaneously without purchasing any license, hardware controller and expensive annual subscription fee.


The administrator can automatically discover and configure device profiles, batch provisioning/firmware upgrade, and built-in SAPC (Smart AP Control) that customize Wi-Fi planning against floor maps, and monitor all managed APs through single web-based interface. It allows operating across different platforms through virtualization software. Such design avoids the need to configure the wireless APs one by one and provides more profits to SMB users.



  • Dashboard:  Providing the at-a-glance view of system, device summary, traffic, and PoE network status
  • Setup Wizard:  Easy to use step-by-step guidance
  • Node Discovery:  To detect PLANET managed devices available and allow AP grouping to accelerate AP management
  • Topology Viewer:  A topology of network devices compliant with SNMP, ONVIF, Smart Discovery and LLTD Protocol
  • Event Reports:  The status of a network can be reported via network alarm, and system log
  • Batch Provisioning:  Enabling multiple APs to be configured and upgraded at one time by using the designated profile.
  • Coverage Heat Map:  Real-time signal coverage of APs on the user-defined floor map to optimize Wi-Fi field deployment
  • Customized Profile:  Allowing the creation and maintenance of multiple wireless profiles
  • Auto Provision:  Multi-AP provisioning with one click
  • Cluster Management:  Simplifying high-density AP management
  • Zone Plan:  Optimizing AP deployment with actual signal coverage
  • Scalability:  Free system upgrade and AP firmware bulk upgrade capability
UNI-NMS-LITE Management Features (of PLANET managed devices)
Maximum Managed Nodes 20
Maximum AP Groups 8
Maximum APs per AP Group 20 (limited to the same model)
Maximum SSID Profiles 8
Maximum Radio Profiles 8
Maximum Concurrent Clients 400+
Maximum Floor Maps 1
Compatible Devices Support PLANET MQTT, SNMP, ONVIF and Smart Discovery Products
Centralized Network Devices Management ■ Auto discovery of devices with one touch
■ Device list with filtering function
■ Remotely control each managed device via hyperlink
■ Easy to build multiple sites in a network
■ Topology view of each site of network devices with LLDP Protocol (*2)
■ Event report on site issues via system log and syslog
■ Device alive checking
■ AP controller (SAPC Software function)
■ Floor map viewing
■ Dashboard viewing
Wireless AP Controller Features
Centralized AP Management ■ AP group management (bulk provision, upgrade, reboot, LED control)
■ AP provisioning
■ AP SSID, radio configuration
■ AP bulk firmware upgrade
■ Remote AP power reboot
■ Floor map viewing
■ Floor map import, custom map export*
■ Real-time AP signal coverage display
■ Real-time AP and wireless client status monitoring
■ Real-time graphical statistics viewing
■ Real-time wireless channel distribution
Encryption Type 64-/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, 802.1x Authentication
Wireless Security Enable/Disable SSID Broadcast
AP Isolation
Multiple SSIDs per Frequency Band Up to 4
RF Control Output power
Auto channel
Traffic shaping per frequency band
IAPP L2 roaming
System Management Features
Management Interface Web-based user interface
System Management Management IP/port
Login account modification
System upgrade
Supported Display Type Switch, Industrial switch, Media Conversion, Wireless (AP), VoIP, IP Camera
System Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirements CPU: Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz dual-core or above
RAM: minimum 4 GB
HDD: 40 GB (Actual requirement is dependent on log size)
OS Supported Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Mac OS X 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11 (*1)
Note: Supported OS is dependent on virtualization product
Virtualization Oracle VirtualBox 6.1 or later
Browser Supported Chrome 31.0 or later
Firefox 34.0 or later
*1 New features will be added through system updates.
*2 Topology ring display.